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Signature Financial Planning was founded in 1991 with the idea that we, as financial advisors, could best serve our clients from an independent platform. This freedom gives us and our clients access to the broad range of opportunities available to the financial industry. Over the past twenty years we have kept true to that mission, crafting thousands of customized financial plans and investment portfolios to help meet each of our clients' needs.

As a multi-generational firm, Signature continues to provide personalized, comprehensive financial advice to clients and institutions with long-term time horizons of their own. As we serve generations of clients, we consult on issues such as investments, retirement planning, estate planning, insurance planning, charitable gifting, taxes, and many more to help clients reach their different goals.

Our Signature service starts with our first meeting, as we walk our clients through the planning and investment process. At each and every step, we strive to ensure that everyone has a full and thorough understanding of our methods, our investment selections and our long-term economic analyses.

We always welcome our newest clients to "The Signature Family", and we're very proud of the many close, long-standing relationships that we've developed over the years. We are a family firm in every sense of the term, and we remain constantly dedicated to our clients, our employees and our community.

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Scott E. Tobe Marc L. Tannenbaum, ChFC Aaron A. Leaman, CFA Michael H. Milarski Seth C. Dresbold, Esq. Serina Green Cindy Fontanesi Jessica Goff Stephen Tobe

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DEC 16
Signature Financial Planning Has A Brand New Logo

On occasion, every company needs to refresh itself through rebranding to more accurately represent the growth of its vision. And our firm has definitely evolved: more dedicated employees, increased levels of service, new technology to support wealth management and an even sharper focus on enhancing client relationships. To better serve our clientele, Signature honors its tradition of ongoing improvement. After months of working with marketing professionals, consulting with our client advisory board, and having intense discussions among ourselves, we developed a branding strategy that better represents who we are and what we do. As an important element of that strategy, Signature's fresh logo is meant to be a bridge between this new representation of our company atop Mt. Washington and the City of Bridges and surrounding communities it overlooks. Over the years, Pittsburgh bridges have come to signify strength when the city has faced difficult challenges, as well as opportunity when it embraced new possibilities, with the bridges always serving to connect diverse populations throughout a unique landscape of hills, valleys and river plains. Our bridges are state of the art structures of consummate design. They unify this community and represent our global identity. Rooted in a family history of integrity and family-centered values, Signature's mission is simple: provide our clients with the same depth of financial management experience and opportunity for growth that has always been the hallmark of the company. Years of experience in connecting diverse clients with successful wealth management strategies has nurtured an accumulated wisdom that enhances our planning practices. As has always been true, we will continue to provide a small town, boutique service while affording our clientele world-class financial planning. We invite you to refer a friend or family member who may benefit from our Signature service, and we promise to treat them as we treat all our clients - with respect and care. We also have a beautiful new Signature Financial Planning brochure so please let us know if you'd like a copy to share. Thank you for your continuing trust, and thank you for crossing this new bridge together with us as a valued Signature client. » Read now

OCT 14
A 401(k) Conundrum: Can You Make Cash Pile Last for Life?

Even if you’ve socked plenty of money away in your 401(k) plan and invested it carefully, some of your toughest decisions lie ahead. And don’t expect much help or clarity from the government or your employer. » Read now

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